Dong Yu Lan

I was born in 1950.
Since I met Qigong in 1991 
I have not eaten regular food for 20 years
 Just a few fruits. 

I originally went to the Huaxia Centre 
so that I could eat food again, 
 but teacher Pang always told me 
not to worry about food or eating. 

I wanted to get Information from teacher Pang 
to be able to eat food again
 But he did not give it to me! 
 So I had to keep going without eating!"

During this time at the Huaxia Qigong Centre 
Dong Yu Lan's super‐abilities as a healer became acknowledged. 

She is able use x‐ray vision to see inside the body, 
and transmit healing immediately. 

Teacher Pang invited her to take part in Qigong Science Research
 at the highest level,
and this research was acknowledged by 
the Government at that time. 

"I enjoy doing distance healing by phone (in Chinese!) 
and can also see into the past and the future, 
but for me this is not so interesting or important."

Dong Yu Lan is now part of the team
 at the Hexainju Centre in Hainan, 
although she will also spend some time in Mainland China 
to be with her family. 

She is a good example to show that some people
 can live on Qi and Information.
She has a pure mind and very high super‐abilities.

The qi‐field is much stronger since she came to our Centre.


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